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Chris Heuer Speaks: Disruptive Media 2009

Chris Heuer participated in the May 2009 Disruptive Media Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Chris discussed social media management with Pia de Gysser, formerly of Agria, and Andreas Aspegren, community manager at

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Chris Heuer Speaks: Next09

Chris Heuer will be in Hamburg, Germany to participate in the panel, “What’s a Brand to do? Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Customers in the Age of the Social Web.” The presentation is part of Next09, a major networking and trend conference in Europe; this year’s theme is the Share Economy.

The “What’s a Brand to do?” panel will focus on answering questions on Vendor Relationship Management, or VRM. The discussion will focus on how vendors can “provide customers with tools for engaging with vendors in ways that work for both parties.” See the video below.

Chris also discussed the nature of the unagency AdHocnium with Erno Hannik:

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Social Media and The Tachyon Strategy

Tachyon visualization, analogous to the sound ...
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In preparing for the latest series of Social Media Club Workshops (Birmingham tomorrow), I kept getting stuck in the midst of the paradox that some of our social media strategy recommendations often create. Letting go of the illusion of control and embracing the serendipity that John Hagel spoke of the other night at our Silicon Valley SMC event, is essential to success but counter to the ‘conventional wisdom’ of traditional MBA’s. While it’s not upside down or backwards day, it sure feels like it for many seasoned executives.

Today I would like to introduce you to a first (very rough) draft of what I call The Tachyon Strategy for your feedback.  Thankfully, my diverse, cross-network-pollinating tendencies lead me at an early age to read a book call The Tao of Physics.  In it, I was introduced to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Tachyon’s (as well as a whole bunch of quantum mechanics stuff that I still dont fully grasp).  You can go read more about those by following the links to wikipedia, but let me give you a really dumbed down (and probably slightly wrong) interpretation on Tachyon’s and then we’ll make it clear why this is important.

Tachyons are subatomic particles that have never been seen, traveling faster then the speed of light, it is said to exist in two locations at once.  In fact, the theory goes, it can’t really be seen at all because it is never in the one space long enough, moving faster then the speed of light and faster that its location can be accurately reported – it takes faith to believe that it actually exists, and even more so to believe it simultaneously exists in two places.  So like, tachyon’s, there are several elements of social media strategy that requires us to hold two, seemingly opposing values/ideals/positions that requires a bit of faith (and science).

Specifically, I see the following tenets within the Tachyon Strategy:


  • Think global but act local (old one clearly)
  • Behave like a small business, but project yourself as a bigger one
  • Move slowly enough to consider decisions, but act fast enough to seize opportunities
  • Listen to customers and publish/produce media often
  • Allow your marketing to pull customers instead of push them, but reach out to them in their communities to address grievances 
Maybe these are just paradoxes, but when all of these pairs are dynamic parts of your social media strategy, I think they bring unconventional success.  What are other elements of modern business and social media strategy that might fall within The Tachyon Strategy?


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Chris Heuer Speaks: The Power of Social Networks

On April 21, 2009 Chris Heuer led the April Social Media Club San Francisco/Silicon Valley event, “The Power of Social Networks.” The evening began with a fireside chat between Chris and guest John Hagel, a network effects expert and Director at Deloitte Consulting, LLP. Following John’s remarks he joined a panel of noted social media authors to discuss the use of social networking tools to achieve business goals. The panelists were Clara Shih, author of The Facebook Era, Tara Hunt, author of The Whuffie Factor and Adam Jackson, author of 140 Characters.

John Hagel at Social Media Club from Social Media Club on Vimeo.

Power of Social Networks Panel #SMCSFSV from Social Media Club on Vimeo.

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Government 2.0 Camp Meet World Cafe

So I was talking with Peter Corbett at SxSW last week about how cool it was that the Government 2.0 Club gave us a shout out for what we have been trying to do with Social Media Club as a bit of inspiration for them, when he asked if I was able to get to DC for Government 2.0 Camp.  With our upcoming Social Media Workshop series, I really didn’t want to fly, but then realized, it was a chance for my prior public service (at the US Mint as the Chief of eBusiness [actual title was much longer and more bureaucratic]) and my current community organizing experiences to help make a difference… so I cashed in some miles, arranged to sleep on couches and am getting on the flight now.  Right now, so I have to make this short.

I am hoping to get on the calendar to do a session on “lessons learned from association 2.0: building an open social organization that serves the community”, but honestly dont know if I will make it early enough in the morning (is anyone coming in from near IAD in the morning? ping me here).

Then on Saturday morning, I am going to lead a World Cafe session that will help us focus the lessons learned on Friday into collaborative, positive action in the most efficient way possible.  If you have never experienced a world cafe, you are in for a treat – it is one of the best ways to tap into the collective wisdom of any large group of people and so much more.

It is going to be 3 rounds of small group conversations with no more then 4 or 5 people in each group.  After each round, one person from each table will report out to the rest of the group (and to a video recorder in each classroom which will be shared online for those who could not make it).  After the reporting is done, everyone but the individual who has chosen to act as a table host goes to a different classroom and a different group of people – at this time, we will ask a new question for you to consider and explore. And we do it again, until we are done with the 3rd round of conversation and we will then have a session in the main room (I think) to continue the rest of the day. (Peter Corbett please correct as needed for our logistics as this is still in flux)

Of course, I have to plug the fact that I am trying to pay for this trip by auctioning off my time on ebay.  So right now you can bid on a 1/2 day of my time, Monday afternoon 3/30/2009 in the DC Metro area, where I will help you develop a strategic social media plan.  Sorry to be a bit spammy instead of eloquent on this, but my plane is now boarding!

See you on the east coast!

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Social Media Principles Talk @ Social Media Jungle CES

I think this is a great sampling of the insights I have developed about Social Media in general.  The Social Media Principles was my favorite chapter of the book I never finished last year.  They are the foundations upon which success in social media is built.

They are the core foundations of my work with AdHocnium – in order to help companies transform themselves to thrive in the social era, people need to first see things differently, then think differently and ultimately be different.  This is where you need to start.

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