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Prop 8’s Secret Weapon: Santa?

When Hillary (aka Quepol)shared this story with me, I realized it was too amazing to not record there and then. Scott Beale of Laughing Squid was kind enough to shoot this video with his new Canon 5D – wow! and Hillary tells us a story that is at the same time upsetting and touching. While Santa Clause worked hard to get Prop 8 passed, he still was respectful to Hillary – it was a very human moment and I thought the story was very powerful…

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OktoberFest @ Citizen Space

This is a little of the history of Oktoberfest that Arne Gerhard from shared with us as we prepared for our sausages and wheat beer with some bretzen and sweet mustard. Quite a different brunch then what we will have on Social Sunday, but just as good. Some good conversation too.
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My New Space @ Citizen Space

Citizen Space LogoVery excited to make this other announcement today that I am going to be joining a bunch of my friends and colleagues at the local co-working offices of Citizen Space!

When we first secured our offices for BrainJams/Social Media Club in the LookSmart building, we very much wanted that to be a co-working space, but the facilities management policies didn’t allow for it to be a full co-working space.  Instead we sub-leased desks to Stowe Boyd, Greg Narain, Ujogo, My Currency, The Conversation Group and a few other friends.  It was like co-working, but not…

Fast forward to today and I am really happy to be a part of a real co-working space where I can spend my time in a multi-disciplinary environment, hanging with friends, putting on some more community events/salons and generally doing what I love, helping people out.  It is a real stroke of luck that this weekend I saw Tara Hunt tweet about the openings just as I had decided to move on from The Conversation Group – serendipity works in mysterious ways, and this time, in a very awesome way too!

Funny thing is that all my offices in San Francisco have been on 2nd Street, a few blocks apart from each other. I am looking forward to hanging out with Tara, Hillary, Ivan and all the other co-working folks and hopefully also contributing to the broader co-working community.  See you there really soon!

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