civicsclub breakthrough idea is one approach to solving the divisive state of our union. When we hosted a round table called Unconference 2.0, we were thinking about the future of the Unconference itself, but in that dialog we discovered that the most urgent, most important need today was to bring people together for more face to face conversations with others from divergent points of view.

Connecting the dots, I realized the nature and understanding of modern civilization has been lost, that our civics studies have been decimated. That the world and especially the United States of America was inhabited by many people who had lost touch with the core of our democratic experiment, lost to partisan politics, fueled by mass media and social media perspectives absent nuance and critical thought.

So is a concept for which I am seeking to recruit cohorts interested in standing it up as an ongoing endeavour to encourage people across the country to host respectful conversations with people from different backgrounds, parties, ethnicities and ideologies. Building on our experience growing Social Media Cllub to 350 cities globally, we have the knowledge of how to start this and how to scale this, but we (or rather I), don’t have the resources, cash or time to start this and scale it appropriately.

So today, we start with a Flipboard magazine. Please follow the link and subscribe below if you are interested, or reach out to me if you are interested in collaborating on building it into a real project from beyond the idea that sits in front of you today.

Together, we can heal this once great nation and bringing us back together. Otherwise… “divided we fall”.