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OktoberFest @ Citizen Space

This is a little of the history of Oktoberfest that Arne Gerhard from shared with us as we prepared for our sausages and wheat beer with some bretzen and sweet mustard. Quite a different brunch then what we will have on Social Sunday, but just as good. Some good conversation too.
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John Stewart hits hard on GOP Hypocrisy RE:Palin

This is just too good to be true, but it is. Karl Rove, Bill O’Reilly, Dick Morris, Nancy Pfotenhauer (SP?) and even Palin herself demonstrate their hugely hypocritical stance in how they are spinning the situation surrounding Palin as VP nominee. You must invest the 5+ minutes to watch this whole thing… Would love to hear the GOP defend this sort of flip-flopping on so many issues.

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Have You Seen RollerSoccer?

This looks crazy. Met the folks from RollerSoccer at Fridays with Foremski. Their world cup is coming up in a couple of weeks, here in San Francisco.


Learn Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course – Chicago, July 30th – Our friend and WOM guru Andy Sernovitz is hosting a small-group word of mouth marketing seminar. Usually he only does private training for companies at a very large price, so this is a rare chance for 50 people to get the best introduction to word of mouth that there is.

We’ve arranged for a $250 discount for our clients. Use code “weloveconversationgroup” when you register.

This is a very practical, hands-on course. In one intense day, you will:

* Master the five steps of word of mouth marketing
* Construct an action plan that your company can start using the very next day
* Get the same training that big corporations (Microsoft, TiVo, eBay) have received — for a fraction of what they paid
* Know how to translate word of mouth marketing into real ROI
* Participate in an active, intense day of practical brainstorming (not boring theory)
* Learn from Andy Sernovitz, the guy who literally wrote the book on word of mouth marketing

Andy promises you will learn a repeatable, proven marketing framework that is easy to execute, affordable, and provides measurable results within 60 days.

More information:

Chicago: July 30 and September 4


Jeremiah Owyang – Online Community Best Practices

This is a great presentation that Jeremiah Owyang gave on his soon to be released research on Online Community Best Practices. It is really very pragmatic and very valuable – I agree with all of it and would only have a few minor additions. The Groundswell work that Charlene Li has started at Forrester will be very helpful for companies looking to engage with online communities successfully. I truly applaud them for a job well done and am glad to see our good friend Jeremiah doing such great work with them.

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Chris Heuer Speaks: Northern Voice 08

On February 22, 2008 Chris Heuer co-led the MooseCamp “Mobile Video Blogging” session. The MooseCamp session (part of the Northern Voice conference) was co-hosted by Roland Tanglao.

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SF Pillow Fight 2008

Had a great Valentine’s Day this year hanging down at Pillow Fight Club in San Francisco. This really captured the whole experience quite well I think. Were you there? What did you think?

This video was originally shared on by chrisheuer with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

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