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Chris Heuer Speaks: Social Media Summit 2008

Chris participated in the ALI Social Media Summit on June 6, 2008 by co-hosting a case study with Michael Prosceno of SAP. The study, “How To Harness The Power Of Social Media Both Internally and Externally — From Product Development, To Market Intelligence, To Sales, To Communications, To Marketing, To Building Communities,” focuses on lessons learned and advice in social media.

Event description:

New social media tools and techniques are changing the role of communicators and marketers in organizations across the globe — enabling you to expand your voice in the marketplace and within your organization. This is the opportunity in front of us.

This session will share the experiences of SAP and the results of the SAP Global Social Media Survey — including their lessons learned since engaging the blogosphere in 2006.

SAP is using social media both internally as well as externally – from product development, to market intelligence, to sales, to communications, to marketing, to building communities.

Leave this session with tools and tips for using social media in your own organization, including how to:

  • Use social media tools across PR, HR, Blogger Relations as well as nternal communications and collaboration
  • Set up and manage a blogger relations team
  • Use social media tools to become engaged with your market by participating where the market participates
  • Use an internal “Twitter” application called “Shout it” as well as an internal “Linkedin” social network called Harmony
  • Communicate externally using Twitter Channels, blogs, public wikis, discussion forums, etc. to engage customers, business partners and even the more traditional and new media segments of the market
  • Harness the power of building communities to foster your own communications or marketing role within your organization

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