Lots of talking and thinking lately…

Just a quick note to let you know I have been working on plans for Social Media Club and trying to refine some of the messaging (so it can be easily understood) so I can launch the blog/site.  I have also been working on trying to secure some new client work to keep the lights on around here, so if you know anyone who needs help with social media strategies, brainstorming, creative messaging, community marketing and/or user experience design – please do let me know.  While there is not a ton of time available in my schedule for humongous projects, I do have time for taking on 1 or 2 more small to medium sized projects in addition to the non-profit work and the companies that use my advisory capital services. (I need to do better marketing of my consulting services, but this will have to do in the meantime)
There is so much to talk about from the past 2 weeks, I hardly know where to start.  The good news is that Social Media Club has been generally well received by the industry leaders with whom I have spoken, Social Media Press Release discussions have begun in earnest (Thanks Constantin) and I met so many great people at this year’s Gnomedex it even blew away last year’s experience (which was a huge step on the journey of the last year).

So while I work on getting my sh!t together, please have a little patience with me – it seems that every day’s planned work is getting eaten up by unexpected, but necessary phone calls and urgent emails. Like the 2 hour call we had this evening with Sclafani Cooking School (our pro-bono small business client for BrainJams New Orleans) to review their proposed information architecture, CRM plan and blogging/newsletter strategy.  While it is hard to find the time to do such projects these days, it sure is rewarding to know that Dianne and Frank really get what we are trying to do for them and they are actively engaged in the process.  I really do need to echo Chris Schultz’s thoughts on this better and continue to breathe and ‘just chill’.

I am trying, but it sure is hard when all of this exciting stuff is happening!

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