Not going to THE party tonight…

Last night I had a great time at Kevin’s SuperNova 2006 Pre Party and the Geek Entertainment TV fest. The 2 events could not have been more dissimilar in style and ambience, but each were fun and filled with deep, worthwhile discussions. The GETV party felt like a family and friends get together with most of the Brat Pack in attendance. That is how Mike’s first and second TechCrunch parties were – worthwhile, exciting AND intimate.

Tonight’s TechCrunch hosted Naked Conversations party promises to be quite a crazy, fun, crowded party. While we would have went if we had gotten our names on the RSVP list in time, we did not. Kristie and I briefly thought of just going anyway since Mike’s a friend, but I honestly don’t want to deal with the door men like I had to do all the time in South Beach in order to get into the big parties of friends and celebrities. Again, the hard choices comes down to values – while we probably could get away with crashing the party, we weren’t invited and did not make the cut – c’est la vie. Maybe we could hold an overflow ‘Clothed Conversations’ party in SF 😉

It is obviously a very good thing that the energy and attitude in the community has swelled so much and so many people want to be a part of what’s happening, but I sure am glad I got to experience it while it was still just Keith Teare slaving over the BBQ, Laguna barking at everyone she met and about 30 people in the living room looking at demos on the TV. It’s hard to believe I am saying this, but those were the days…

If you are lucky enough to be going, have fun tonight, remember what it is all really about and party from the heart! This is still just the beginning…

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  1. #1 by Eddie - February 18th, 2006 at 20:02

    You were better off missing it. You really didn’t want to see this.

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