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Help Me With My Digital Addiction

Chris Heuer 'Thats what she said' t-shirtI’ll admit it.  I am an addict.

I am addicted to buying domain names. I am addicted to the idea of starting something cool and new by registering an address and putting up a digital shingle.  Even today I had an idea for a new type of Tweetup where people would take 140 tweets and turn them into a story, so I registered 140× – cool eh?

Well it is cool until you realize you can’t possibly run as many sites as you imagine and have to face the reality of an annual domain name registrar bill in the neighborhood of $7,500usd.  

So the time has come to do something about it.  We are letting a bunch of nutty names just expire.  I am seeking partners (mostly writers) for several domains such as  We are actually going to be hosting events such as and and  We will also be selling a bunch of domain names to try to recoup at least my registration fees paid and hopefully even make some profit on a few like

All of these domains had some great purpose which never was realized.  Some of the names are silly (or rather, some just stink). Some were attempts at new brands.  Some were just drunken rants that were too easy to obtain.  Some are good.  Some are really really good. Many are still valuable. All of them are open for discussion.

So the first batch of names we are going to publish are below.  Rather than running it through an auction service, I thought I would offer them up to friends first (would love them to go to a good home).  I can turn any of these sites on as a blog in about 30 minutes, so if you want to partner, please comment below or reach out to me through my contact form.  You can look at $50 as a sort of minimum if you want to buy one of these from me (to cover costs paid and time invested in transferring) but if its a good one, will need to think about spending more.

Chris Heuer’s Miscellaneous Domain Names List #1

  3. (this was going to be a service that scrambled your voice and let you leave anonymous audio comments like post secret)
  9. (was thinking about docents, and centrists and these being guides or something)
  10. (a complement but opposite of
  13. (microformats go meta… there was a great idea here but I don’t want to crawl back into that whiskey bottle to find it again)
  15. (so many great opportunities around collecting community stories, inspired by Derek and The Fray of course, also by our good friends in New Orleans)
  17. (RSP anyone?)
  18. (dont ask, dont tell)
  24. (the next wave of user experience is across the three screens of tv, pc and mobile phone, these are some good domains for someone – they are fresh, not like those unused AT&T rollover minutes 😉
  28. (OMG, too geeky… though state could be useful since its short)
  31. (this was going to be a business out of making contests in video streams, like trivia contests – was cool)
  33. (was trying to come up with a new agency name)
  35. (K Annotate was a software I wanted to do for knowledge annotation and sharing – we ended up going with Insytes instead since this wasnt so great)
  36. (someone has to want to buy this for a book review blog – there is real money in this domain name – we can make some killer affiliate revenue on this I think)
  37. (lost dollar bills meet lost lighters – put stickers on lighters and a reg number and track your bic as it moves around the country and the world!)
  40. (it meant something as an acronym, but I cant remember what)
  44. (slotlets are tokens for authentication purposes – when I thought of them back in 2002 it was all about a single sign on system I was trying to get built – would probably be an equivalent of something like oAuth though not as cool or well thought out)
  45. (this is really cool for a video company)
  46. (remember those hanging chads? well this could be a great book title)
  48. (damn I like this one, so much potential here)

Well there are 55 domains and about $2,000 out the door – they could have been great investments, but now its looking like a Domain garage sale with all the little bits and bobs laying out on sheets in my digital lawn…  I have many other good ones I will publish tomorrow, particularly the social media related ones, so stay tuned.

Again, if you want to buy any of these or partner, please do let me know…

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