My Top 5 Social Media Tools

Ok, Todd Defren, I’ll bite and spread the meme, and answer the important question, what are my top 5 social media tools.

  • Firefox – Most people forget the browser is still the core of the read/write web – I Mozilla for all my posting, tagging, editing and more – the latest crop of plugins and extensions make it invaluable – like being able to twitter from inside my URL bar! This is tied with WordPress for me.
  • Twitter – though it is often clogged up with personal messages between friends to which I can’t see the other side of the conversation, it is great for promoting blog posts, asking questions, getting support and quickly sharing insytes that come to me while walking around the real world – like last night when talking with Eric Doyle about measuring social media success – would have forgotten Engagement, Tonality and Actions if I did not capture it somewhere…
  • Google Alerts – so I don’t have to keep doing vanity searches all the time, it does it for me and lets me (or rather lets Kristie) know when someone has given me some link love
  • Delicious – God, how I want to quit you! With no real improvements in a very long time (that I know of), I have tried to quit it several times – even imported everything into Magnolia at one point – but the fact is that it is integrated perfectly into Firefox and easy to use. I just wish it had more auto-publishing controls as I mentioned to Joshua a couple times – make my link blogging look prettier – please?
  • Podcast Rig/Recorder & Digital Camera – I hate to call it out by name since I have had so many troubles with it, but being able to record interviews, conversations, meetings and more, to later share it with the world is still awesome. Of course, same goes for being able to have a little creativity and artistry in each day with my Canon XL – even with my problems with the autofocus, I just love it. More about being a real digital scribe I think, but these are my favorite social media tools…

Since we need to pay it forward, I will need to tag Dave Coustan, Will Pate, Greg Narain, Grace Davis and Sally Falkow.

  1. #1 by Todd Defren - June 7th, 2007 at 14:36

    Good lord, Chris, I linked to you for this meme in July 2006! 😉

  2. #2 by Chris Heuer - June 7th, 2007 at 15:58

    LOL – showed up in my gmail today as a new comment… well, at least it shows I do eventually get around to doing things…

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