Use Cases for Evangelizing Tags, Social Media and other cool, useful stuff

This has been a constant theme for me over the past week or so. In this emerging era of Internet innovation, more people than ever are concerned with promoting the value of our new tools into the minds, hearts and hands of real people – to cross the chasm and digital divide to increase participation, collaboration, connectedness and ultimately the value of the web. Phil Wolf even spoke of forming a “PR Working Group” – which is what we have proposed out of BrainJams – so this is a really cool trend that is emerging.

I think the real solution though is relatively simple, we need to develop the use cases, the user stories, the anecdotes for how regular, non-technical people use and benefit from these technologies. To leverage my other new meme, all we need to do is claim a TagSpace and start blogging and tagging all the stories we have. A planetblog aggregator could manage the feeds and everyone can start to read them. On top of this, we can use a Wiki to collect the “use cases for teaching others”. We can set this up at or any place else. The tagspace I suggest for the stories is:


An interesting, and seemingly unrelated, but totally relevant book I read a while back was the Pentagon’s New Map – it spoke of global conflicts as being byproducts of the “non-integrating gap” – essentially those countries in the middle who are not participating in the global economy via trade or cultural exchange not understanding or gaining value from getting along with everyone else. It may be a stretch, but I see this as analgous to what we are talking about here. It might be an interesting read if you have an interest in spreading the word. Think of it as a similar pattern rather than getting focused on the defense/war aspects of the content.

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