BrainJams: Mission Statement Addendum

In reading through the tomes I posted over the weekend, I noticed a key element – in fact THE key element behind what I think BrainJamming should be:

To facilitate ad-hoc collaboartion and interpersonal connections across traditional social, political, technical, economic and organizational boundaries.

One of the first issues we will address is the facilitation of BrainJamming between open source developers and those people/organizations who can most benefit from their knowledge, skills and experience. Ultimately, this should result in the creation of solutions for some of our most difficult socio-economic problems This will also help to fix existing systems that are not operating as they should be, such as disaster relief and recovery efforts.

Additionally, we hope to establish BrainJams as a community of practice for people who are organizing other forms of open source inspired, ad-hoc collaboration within their local Commons. To this end, we will work with other leaders of similarly inspired events to organize their experiences, ideas, Insytes and even their events if they need a place to organize their own events

That feels like better language, more along the lines of what I am hoping for, but still in need of being rewritten end simplified. Tell me what you think, I have posted this and a group editable version over on the BrainJams Wiki

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