BrainJams: The Draft Mission Statement

First, thanks to everyone who came over to discuss what this idea really is and for the planning of the next one in the Bay Area. I will be adding the notes to the BrainJams Web site along with everyone’s names to get some more input from a broader audience. We would really like to get more involvement from the WebZine2005 organizers as well as BarCamp Counselors, so please reach out to us if we have not yet reached out to you.

The simple mission statement we kind of agreed upon is:

“To make emerging social software/media technologies more accessible to the people and organizations who could most benefit from them, connecting the creators of the technology more closely with the people who use the tools. This will create stronger awareness of the situations in which the tools are used and what else might be needed to make it simpler and even more valuable.”

So that is the start that I promised Chris Messina the other day. Now the ball is in the court of conversation. We hope to get some more really good feedback from everyone on the Wiki and hope that this idea might come up as part of the discussion at BarCamp Amsterdam and also hope the people at TechCamp in Ireland might throw a few ideas our way too… Which starts in about an hour or so BTW

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