Talkin bout a revolution…

Just in case you missed it, now there is also SeattleMindCamp and Ireland TechCamp as well. It makes me so excited to see these experiments cropping up everywhere. I won’t be able to make either of these right now, but we have something else in the works which will be announced later today – and hopefully I will be able to get to some of these as they happen elsewhere.

My only hope is that we can have a place for all the organizers and participants to share the knowledge about what works and what doesn’t with each other beyond the level of the local events. Whether the location where this information is shared/organized is ubder the BrainJams banner or BarCamp or whatever is next is not the important thing. It is that we come together, globally, to share our passions and contribute to each other’s efforts – whether that is with new ideas, with pointers to other resources or with direct effort it can bring nothing but good.

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