Web 2.1: Chris Pirillo and Lockergnome Donate $1,000.00

Holy HorsePigCow!

Chris Pirillo wrote earlier to see if I could jump on his show tonight for a couple of minutes which is just such an honor in and of itself, but I had to politely decline because I really don’t want tomorrow getting out of hand (and I was going to Recovery2.0 and the Colors of Web 2.0 Party to get some more feedback on our structure (or lack thereof) for tomorrow’s Web2.1 event.

Recovery 2.0 is really an incredible idea that Jeff Jarvis began to organize and I am going to be happily supporting and thinking about. Before the Web 2.0 Colors party, I had a great dinner wtih Will Pate, Chris Messina and this really cool guy who just moved back to SF from the UK named Justin. [correction: my ears were clogged in the noisy restaurant and I dont seem to do well with names until I have met someone twice, his name was not Justin but Dunstan Orchard – thanks Chris]

The party was definitely fun (have you ever been to an open bar party where Chimay was on tap?), but opening my email and seeing a followup from Chris just made my week. The email simply said:

Can Lockergnome sponsor for $1,000?


Having just spoken with Kristie about how little money we were going to have left over for the BrainOff after party and wondering how much we might be able to afford to go into debt to pull this off, you can imagine how ecstatic I was. I guess we have proved that giving of yourself and your knowledge really does bring many unforseen rewards. as Chris said in a subsequent email “One conference supporting another? Oh, the humanity!”

Much deep, heartfelt thanks and love for Chris and the Lockergnome community.