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So the other day when I was gathering clarity about what we want from Web 2.1 and what defines it, I had that breakthrough moment when I was able to get the idea down to a few words. But I thought to myself, wait, why just let a few words do when I can write a whole Wikipedia entry to define Web 2.1 even further – maybe even get some better edits from a smart, wide community of people.

But I guess I was wrong.

Unfortunately, it has been marked for deletion, with one WikiPedia gatekeeper even going so far as to call it a ‘subtle hoax’. Actually it seems that they call it original research which is not allowed there. Call me a newbie, but I guess I thought WikiPedia was a place where people went to collaboratively define and document the world around us. I guess I understand the desire to not have people using the Wiki as a competitive discussion board for new ideas and they certainly need to police the frivolous entries on things like , but at what point does an idea cross the threshold of being ‘Wikipedia worthy’?

Must new ideas and knowledge be lobbied for against a vangaurd of the self-appointed from within general knowledge communities where some lone ornithologist with a lot of free time can just neg you because they don’t get it? I suppose this shows the real need for self-organizing communities of practice/interest to take ownership of a particular domain of knowledge.

But the big problems still remain, how do you find the best resources on a given domain? how do you bring knowledge out of the walled gardens of member associations? who are the subject matter experts? how do we know who to trust? how do we ensure that the practicioners dont get so caught up in their deeply fascinating subjects and talking with each other that they forget about the subject matters interactions within the real world?

Well I suppose these are some of the questions I have been asking for a while and I suppose we will be trying to answer that more with Insytes as we make some progress with getting it built…

I reposted the original entry on Wikipedia to the Web2point1 Wiki where I would really like your input and consideration.

  1. #1 by miss rogue - October 6th, 2005 at 10:37

    That’s bunk!

    I knew we were in trouble when Wikipedia started discussing ‘freezing’ its pages.

    Sigh. I guess some things will never change…

  2. #2 by Nick W - October 6th, 2005 at 15:58

    FWIW, i put a comment in there to keep it. Dumb MF’s wouldn’t know their arses from their elbows..

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