Web 2.1: KRON4 Studio Walkthrough Complete

I just got back from a walk-through meeting with Brian Shields over at the studio. While the studio space is not made for collaborative meetings with break out sessions, the great team Brian works with over at KRON4 have really all stepped up to make it work for us. Much thanks to all of the great folks that are helping to put this together – especially Dave Johnson – IT, Mark Mano – Production
Craig Porter – Chief Engineer, Kevin Adler – Promotions, Pat Patton – Programming. And the greatest appreciation and respect to Brian for being the first to really get behind the idea and take the actions necessary to garner all the other support he had gotten from KRON4.

A photo of the studio space (forgot my camera again) is online here but it does not show the rest of the space, just the stage, but at least you can see why I thought it was so cool for what we are doing. So the setup as it stands now will look like this:

  • Wifi throughout (but please go easy on it since it is being used by the staff as well – we dont want to cause bandwidth troubles for all the people working there, so no P2P apps or big downloads if you can avoid it)
  • 1 main screen projector with the IRC Channel on it – thanks to Scott from LaughingSquid for setting up the channel
  • 2 separate projectors in ‘break through’ areas (better term then break out dont you think?) – bring your own laptop and any special connectors you might need (ie Mac video out dongles)
  • We are gong to do a Skype conference line for people to listen in but we need to know more about getting audio into the laptop from the room – anyone have ideas on best practices? anyone have a special microphone that might do the trick?
  • Post-It Easel Sheets (to stick on walls if needed) and easels for people to write on
  • Waters, sodas, snacks (healthy and junky)
  • ….. and lots of Legos for the “What is Web 2.1” sculpture contest (more on that later)

It is really exciting now and I am getting really nervous for some reason – perhaps it is because mentally I keep thinking to myself I need to set an agenda, I need to organize a presentation, I need to do this and do that, but then I remember that those thoughts are so not the point. We are just setting up a space for people to have directed conversations about things that matter to them. I am not coming in with any real plans other than to go with the flow and contribute my experience to what everyone else is doing

So the plan for the day is pay attention, think, contribute, repeat

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