AlwaysOn is AlwaysCool

So the chatters redeemed themselves mostly over the past 2 days of the AlwaysOn Summit 2005 – some great ideas were shared and some real connections as well. I had only planned to attend a couple of sessions since I am so busy at the moment, but was really drawn by the community to participate more.

The remarkable thing though, was that most everyone behaved themselves in regards to spamming and self promotion. On occasion I was worried that my passion for these ideas may seem overzealous in that regards, but I really tried to stick with the knowledge sharing. Thanks to Tim Sanders for Love is the Killer App who reignited my passion for this way of life. And it is a way of life if you are serious about it – not that it isnt narcissitic in its own way, but at least it is with pure heart and intention – at least for me anyway.

If I get the time (which I probably won’t given the workload), I will cull through the chat sessions and pull out some of the more salient points to expand upon further.

Am looking forward to seeing a photo of how the chat screen looked in the room down at Stanford…