MindMaps are amazing communications vehicles…

… so why aren’t more people using them. I have known of them since college, but a few years ago a close friend introduced them anew in the face of difficulty capturing a complex business plan. More recently, I started using them to capture ideas for building Insytes and then at Gnomedex 2005 I saw Hobie give his presentation on Mind Manager from MindJet. Since then I have been hooked – it is so intuitive I understood 80+% of the core functionality in about 30 minutes.

Am curious if you have used them or if you know of other software out there that is similar. I have previously used the brain, but found the UI not to my liking – I know there is a good one for the Mac that used to be around, but I cant seem to find it now.

Am also interested in speaking with anyone who knows of any studies into the use of MindMaps for collaboration (psychological, effectiveness, economic forensics etc…). I found a great piece describing how to make notes rather than take notes – I agree with his anger about this important process not being taught in school – especially since I felt the same way after getting out – that the system never taught me how to get the most from it. Had someone shown this to me earlier (perhaps even as early as 4th grade) I would have gotten so much more out of all those years of school.

One of the great things about MindMaps for note making is that you have a basic structure that also allows you to go outside of itself and come back easily – to capture ideas for future needs within its structure and continue pressing forward with the central purpose of the day. For super smart day dreaming kids, it allows them the ability to stay with a slower moving class while they move off andd process deeper insytes as they develop.

  1. #1 by Superman - July 12th, 2005 at 22:41

    I find divine intervention to be better.

  2. #2 by phil - July 17th, 2005 at 03:13

    Thanks for that link to that post on taking notes – v. helpful as I get into using mindmanager more.

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