Ex: Knowledge Marketing Done Right… in bed

Just saw a spot on late night tv for the Sleep Number Bed. Was about a frisky, experimental couple who had tried everything looking for the best nights sleep – water beds, space beds etc… Now they have finally found it by each getting their own numbers for their own personal perfect comfort.

Is really going directly after the most likely to buy segment – appealing to the affluent, adventurous, experimental, desirous of comfort niche segment with ‘people like themselves’, just telling their story with some history, some insight/advice and some comedy to make you feel good about it. Hits dead on with all aspects of The Communications Strategy as well – and a quick cruise through their web site shows that they really get it. For example, their Learning Center is the most prominent item on their home page in upper left navigation and they have a What is your sleep # estimator to advise on getting a good nights sleep. For instance, for me it said I would be better off choosing a firmer surface for my mattress whereas I always want a fluffier feather bed variety like at the W Hotels.

I would be interested to see what sort of communications they have with purchasers after the sale – if anyone knows, please contact me….

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