Too much to do, too much to read, too much to say…

Looks like I am getting to that point that I always dread – being overwhelemd by the feeling of too much stuff and not enough time to do what I truly believe needs to be done and done right. But this past week marks a great turning point and building on the successes of this week helps me to see the successes of next week, and most importantly, the success of this very day. Sure I am already behind my schedule as my tangental mind finds a plethora of other things that need my attention, but that is ok.

The reason it is ok is of course an internalization that I have embraced, but there were 3 specific things this past week that make today different from how I would have responded in the past.

1 – I just read Steve Jobs’ now infamous Stanford Commencement address – it really is that good. William Cohen spoke at mine (American Univ 1991), and while he is brilliant and I respect him immensely, I only wish I was fortunate enough to have had such a poignant and inspirational speech.

2 – I got a massage yesterday from a kindred spirit, one of the world’s peaceful warriors to be sure. She helped me reconnect to my essential self and remember deep thruths about the nature of the world and our roles within it.

and finally

3 – Earlier this week I met Antonio Salerno, former founder/ceo of Conxion, who though force of presence drove home the old adage of focusing on the bits that will make the most difference – I realize this is simply priortization, but something about the way in which he said it, made it more meaningful and more than ever, relevant and vital to my work ahead.

So no more blogging for a couple of days as I move to compete that all important 20%

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