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Chris Heuer Speaks: Northern Voice 09

On February 20, 2009 Chris presented “The Death of Advertising” at the Northern Voice 09 conference.

Chris’ presentation got a positive review from Grace Carter and her colleague Kate of Invoke Media:

“One of Kate’s favourite speakers was Chris Heuer.� Chris is the founder of Social Media Club and although the talk may have felt rushed to him, he asked one very important question – is advertising dead?� Heuer thinks interruptive advertising is certainly headed that way, thanks to services like PVR and TIVO, which allow viewers to bypass regularly programmed advertising.� He also pointed out that search engines are killing product advertisement. Why would anyone look at advertising for product knowledge when they can Google it, see reviews, and make the choice for themselves? Chris reminded us that we have access to more rich and valuable information through our friends and networks.� So if advertising is dead (or dying at least) what happens next? Chris’ suggestion: take the lead. Be the one people go to to answer the questions. By educating people you gain their trust, which in turn adds value.”

Also check out coverage of Chris’ talk on Miss604.

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