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With over 19 years experience as a digital visionary, creative media technologist and holistic marketing strategist, Chris Heuer provides an invaluable perspective that frames the modern day challenges of organizations grappling with technology driven change in an approachable way.   From 2005-2013 he served as founder and Chairman of Social Media Club, the world’s leading organization for Social Media Professionals. In the process, Chris became a world-class speaker and facilitator, hosting round tables and speaking to business leaders around the world.

As a result of his industry leadership he can speak to any issue or challenge related to Social Media, but he is also able to speak to a variety of issues concerning social change, modern management, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, organizational transformation, innovation, co-creation, holistic business strategy, web site development, user experience, the knowledge economy, and much more.  Whether speaking to a group of 10 or 1,000, Chris remains personable, approachable and engaged.

While Chris is a talented speaker and moderator, he consistently gets the most impressive marks on his ability to actually hear what someone is really asking him and actually answering their questions instead of spinning his own sales pitch.  Having received facilitation training from The Berkana Institute and his colleagues at the National Coalition for Deliberation and Dialog, he has put his skills and his knowledge to good use at dozens of high profile conferences and even more unconferences.  There are very few people with Chris’ natural speaking talent who has the sort of deep subject matter expertise that allows him to synthesize answers and dig deeper with more powerful questions. He is as comfortable giving a presentation as facilitating a large group conversation or simply answering questions.

If you are seeking a dynamic, inspirational, engaging, humorus, big picture visionary for your next conference who will do more then just read his PowerPoint slides or stand behind the podium, contact Chris today about his availability and speaking fees.

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Some of Chris Heuer’s Speaking Topics Include

The Importance of Social Media – One of his most requested talks, Chris is able to adapt this foundational presentation to any vertical or horizontal focus.  By examining the bigger impact Social Media is having on business and society in general, along with leading case studies, Chris is able to help even the biggest ludites see the value and importance of Social Media and Web 2.0 to their organizations and their communities.

Social Media Principles – An overview of the seven (7) key principles and values every company needs to embrace in order to be successful with Social Media.

The Death of Advertising – Is advertising dead and if so who, or what, killed it? By examining the state of the advertising industry, key trends in society and the shifting balance of power to the consumer vis a vis the Web, we are able to think anew about how we approach advertising strategically and creatively.

Serve the Market – If markets are indeed conversations as the Cluetrain Manifesto authors claim, then what do companies do about it besides talking with people? They need to stop serving the stock market and get back to serving their market. The market is made up of the entire ecosystem of stakeholders, beyond potential customers to include former customers, employees, vendors, former customers and even competitors.  In this new talk, Chris helps companies understand the strategies and tactics that are key to their survival in the new market order.

Towards a More Social Organization – Based on his post of the same name, Chris examines how Social Media is transforming the very nature of the way we relate to each other as humans and to the organizations we serve.  As the invention of electricity created a short lived need for a Chief Electricity Officer, Chris sees the need today for a Chief Social Officer to lead the effort to create a more social organization.  In this talk, Chris addresses Social Media as it empowers better collaboration inside and across the organization, fosters better relationships with customers, and ultimately fosters a healthier, more creative and more productive working environment.

Digital Marketing Then & Now – Now in his 3rd boom/bust cycle, Chris is able to share the lessons learned from the birth and death of the dotcom era.  By looking at the key issues that arose in the adoption of the Web as a marketing channel and comparing them to modern day challenges, there is much to be learned.  In this presentation, you will learn why Social Media is best reflected in the works of Charles Schultz and Peanuts.

Chris Heuer Brings Events to Life

While Chris can speak on a variety of topics all customizable to your specific needs, there are many roles he can serve at your next event including:

  • keynote presentations
  • as a panelist, as a panel moderator
  • workshop design
  • interactive sessions
  • organize unconferences
  • facilitate open space
  • facilitate world café
  • moderate round tables
  • host web shows for conferences
  • chair your conference

Feedback on Prior Speeches

“My blackberry has not stopped for an instant since your presentation today!  I received rave reviews from so many attendees, some of whom were members of the board of directors of PRSA-SF.  In addition, the program was so terrific, and of such quantifiable value that non-members of the chapter signed up on the spot to become new members!  In the 25 years that I have been affiliated with PRSA, that’s a first.”

Rhonda Silva
VP of Programs & Member of BOD, PRSA San Francisco

I wanted to thank you once again for your participation in the Social Media for Internal Communications event last week.  Your contribution added a great deal to the overall program and I truly appreciate all of your efforts.

Amy Gerstein
Conference Producer
Advanced Learning Institute

Praise for Speaking and Community Leadership on Twitter

Loving @chrisheuer’s energy! Contagious. “Engagement: Earning trust, winning wallets & seizing market leadership” #PRSADIconf 12:22 PM Jun 17 2013 – Denise Michelle

love the experience and insight that Social Media Club founder @chrisheuer is bringing to the table #gov20camp 2:12 PM Mar 28 2013 – patrick svenburg

@chrisheuer is an extremely likeable, honest, insightful speaker. #smcsea real, good guy. Lucky @kristiewells, and lucky us! 8:19 PM Feb 24 2013 from txt Tamara

Amazing that @chrisheuer can keep an audience for over 2hrs. So great to meet everyone. I’m following everyone at #SMPDX Lets keep in touch 9:36 PM Feb 23 2013 – Bryan Rhoads

Retweeting @giovanni: If you’re in the SF bay area, go see @chrisheuer ! He’s an amazing speaker and social media’s #1 evangelist. 7:35 AM Jun 23 2008 – Lee Odden Retweeting Giovanni Galucci

@chrisheuer is a effen jedi master. Entire trip worth his comments alone #sxsw 10:27 AM Mar 10 2008 – Nick Huhn

@chrisheuer is giving the keynote speech at SoCon08. Excellent insights on social media and how it is blurring the line between work and personal life 7:45 AM Feb 9 2008 – David Eckoff

Chris Heuer does not miss a beat while talking8:51 AM Nov 6 2007 – Lauren Vargas

I’d rather be listening to Chris Heuer right now. 2:18 PM Sep 28 2007 – Christian Burns

@chrisheuer – you are a living legacy to your mom’s inspiration because you are also the kind who touches the lives of all those you meet. 10:14 AM May 13 2007 – Connie Reece

watching the Chris and Kristie Show, like Seinfeld, but about less: http://tinyurl.com/29z2kp 9:37 PM Apr 23 2007 – Scott Beale

Some of Chris’ Prior Engagements