Tiny Bubbles on our Social Calendar – It’s bub.blicio.us

Our good friends Brian Solis and Joey Wan are working on a new blog dedicated to the San Francisco / Silicon Valley, Bubble / No-Bubble / Wishing-it-were-safe-inside-the-bubble party scene called Bub.blicio.us. Given how the parties have been heating up lately with open bars, better food and better entertainment, this is a good time to start celebrating those tiny bubbles that make our social lives so much better.

During the first Internet wave down on Miami’s infamous South Beach, Rick and I managed to fend off starvation by going to all the best parties – I understand it was the same here for many entrepreneurs.  Of course, our SoBe parties had little amenities like Dom Perignon and Stone Crabs from Joe’s, but we could have gotten by on finger food and veggie trays all the same – plus the energy from the party atmosphere itself.  At the time I was feasting on the open bars and parties in Miami, the bubble had not even begun to inflate back in 1995-6 – and I was some 3,000 miles away.  Now I get a front row seat.
It should be a nice view as things start heating up and the bubble fills with more and more hot air to lift us all up high. Well, in all honesty I hope we have learned our lessons and won’t repeat the same mistakes, but from the recent frenzy of newcomers to the Bay Area, there is a whole new crop of folks who think Web 2.0 is the second coming of the messiah – or at least “the rise of the (less) evil dead daytrader”.

What does it really mean?  Hopefully some more great parties paid for by large corporate interests and VC’s – but really, we don’t need all those ice sculptures to pour shots of Belvedeere down our throats – just put the Belvedeere on ice, shake it, and pour – lets save a few thousand here and there and just do our best to bring people together to have a great time – or think about having more parties instead of bigger ones.

I think Bubblicious particularly makes sense today now that we have lost our reason to read Valleywag – maybe we can get Nick Douglas to make a few guest appearances from time to time?  So good luck Brian and Joey – be kind to me when choosing those photos and remember to get some sleep in between those parties!

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