What a short long trip it’s been…

I am just so tired at the moment from the past two 14+ hour days here in DC, its hard to even write this short post.  Things are just hopping though, and I could not be happier – though I also reminded my big brother Zez tonight that we all need to be careful what we wish for, because sometime we get it.  In this case, it is all good, but there is not a lot of room for downtime or relaxation.

Last night there was just under 40 people at the Social Media Club DC Round Table – this was out of 40+ registrations and a few walk ins who were not on the list (thanks to everyone who let me know they could not make it.  As with most of these events, I got very few photos and we have one hour and forty five minutes of audio. Better still, about half the group went out to Buffalo Billiards by Dupont Circle afterwards where we continued the conversation over beers and some cheap good food.

I have so many links to post to the people I met, but I gotta get some sleep… Will write something more in depth tomorrow on the Social Media Club blog.

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