NCDD Pre Conference Planning Report

My life as a dScribe has really begun.  These are the notes I made at the NCDD Pre-Conference planning meeting for folks from the Bay Area.  I will be hosting a BrainJams event with them as one of the pre-conference workshops which should be quite enlightening all the way around.  I learned a great deal about so many different Dialogue and Deliberation efforts going on around the Bay Area and around the country.  Better still, I met some really incredible folks (unfortunately their name’s may be butchered in the map as noted by the (sp) ‘tag’ next to their names).

I have not yet had a chance to clean this up (busy day) or make it pretty, but wanted to get this out sooner rather than later.  If anyone has some time to do so, please go ahead and download it, make it pretty and email it back to me so I can replace the file for others…

You can download the raw MindManager File or get the PDF file to review. If you want to look at it more closely, you can download a free MindMap Viewer as well.

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