New Blog In Progress

Given that I will be mostly offline for a couple of days while traveling to New York for my friend’s wedding, I don’t know why I really started this process now. Well, I guess I do really – I promoted a couple of URL’s for projects that don’t have Web sites yet and wanted to give it some grounding to start if anyone looks for them in the meantime.

So that said, you might be interested in the presentation I gave on tagging yesterday at the NetSquared Conference. (Download the PPT or visit the panel session description) I am really bummed I could not make it there today for the ‘working sessions’, particularly since one of the ideas I proposed to them around the rent an expert theme is being used and I wanted to experience it first hand to see how it turns out. Anyway, I was not invited to offer my expertise as it is, and frankly I am not sure what expertise I would offer if I was.

Ultimately I am going to follow Tom Foremski’s advice and at least give each of my ideas that have domain names behind them a post here and a category so I can add more to those ideas over time. That will take a while to get done really, but hopefully I will be able to finish migrating the Chris Heuer site over to here within a week or so and get this Blog configured and cleaned up properly and resolving to my name so I can just direct people to for accessing the work I am doing.

So in the meantime, please pardon my dust as I get my new online home in order…

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