Good News: MindManager Pro for Mac OSX!!!!

Just wanted to share this piece of good news with everyone – MindJet is finally releasing the MindManager Pro v6 for the Mac OSX.  I originally bought a copy for the PC last year after seeing Hobie demo it at Gnomedex and I have been beta testing the Mac version for the past several weeks. (gosh it was hard to keep quiet about it, but I did)  Tonight they are having a release event at the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco that I am going to… where I will also be picking up my laptop which just came in this afternoon!

So stoked on so many fronts.  This also means that my iBook G4 now has a new logic board, a new hard drive, a new CD Burner and a new keyboard.  If you know of anyone interested in buying it, please contact me since I am trying to buy a new MacBook.

The best news though is that I get to use Mind Manager openly on my Mac.  I have been doing quite a bit more work with it over the last few weeks and it is definitely the way I work best.  In fact, I did my entire NetSquared presentation in it first, then exported to PPT and worked on the design and some last minute editing. It will help me deal with all the projects we have going on much better now.  MindManager for Mac brings me one step closer to getting rid of my PC – I have been waiting so long for this, but the wait was worth it completely.  Now my productivity will soar along with the great ideas that keep popping up…

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