Squidoo=Variation of Insytes

I was just checking back in on Jeff Jarvis’ blog when I saw that 30+ more people commented on his Squidoo piece. I was surprised to see that people were slamming it, apparently not ‘getting it’ – probably due to the language Seth used which is intended for an audience beyond the developer and tech community. I was even more surprised to see that Seth had posted into the conversation himself (lead by example, lets hope more leaders learn the importance of engagement on a personal level).

Given that Squidoo is very similar to Insytes I kind of went off on a rant to try to explain it better from my perspective. I may have done a good job of it, or perhaps I didn’t, but check out the post and my comment on the bottom of the page and let me know what you think. It certainly was not edited or planned (I have a Web site to design for a close friend of mine that is due tonight).

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