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Chris’ Pic o’ DaDay #2

Ana Wonders Why?I captured a few really great shots of both Ele and Ana this day with some good light on our back deck – just playing around really. This one was not even seen through the viewfinder – I just held it down in front of Ana’s face and snapped a few.  I through in a little bit of edge blur with iPhoto and voila – a great portrait of Ana that really shows off the beautfiul Tortie markings that made her and her sister the cute ones to save from the shelter in Alexandria, VA.

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Chris’ Pic o’ DaDay #1

Tahoe_Xmas - 10.jpgIn making some choices about the media I produce over the last few weeks, I realized how much joy I get from capturing good photos – and how few of the ones I think are good get any attention.  So I am going to work hard to do at least 200 Pic o’ DaDay’s for 2007 – where I can showcase some photos I have taken and a short story behind them. So here we go…

I took this shot on Christmas Day 2006, from the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.  Kristie wanted to take a walk on the beach, which was still partially covered with snow.  The angle was just right and the BLUE was breath taking.  While I did not get a picture of them, there was a Winnebago from Canada in the parking lot just to my right – the smell of freshly cooked sausages was really strong (and yummy).  For a few more of Lake Tahoe this day, click on the photo or just click here

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