Learn the Secrets of Startup Magic

Magic Lamp

“Magic is real, it’s just not mystical.”

We all know people who claim to know ‘the secret’ to building a great startup, but in reality, there is no silver bullet for creating success. There are best practices and lessons learned from those who came before you, and I am here to help founders and cofounders strengthen their capacities and then apply the right models, mindsets, methods, and metrics for developing their business.

From my perspective, the closest thing we have to a silver bullet, is you, the leader. But that bullet is more than just silver, it’s a complex alchemy of character traits whose focus needs to be sharpened and whose mind, body and spirit need to be honed for the road ahead. I hope to prepare and empower you to tap into not only your strengths and weaknesses, but to the true magic within you, and your ability to differentiate yourself and your company.


I want you to learn how to wield Startup Magic yourself. I want you to focus on the right things, in the right ways to improve your chances for success and to differentiate you from the competition. It all starts with you, the founder or co-founder, attending my half day workshop, Startup Magic .Live

During this workshop I will give you the tools needed to build and refine your startup’s story and business model. We will focus on the 12 magical wands to improve your business focus, the easiest way to use a framework for customer experience design, and a simple hypothesis testing methodology. Do you know why those are most important? If not, then that is something else you will learn at Startup Magic .Live.

If you are an early stage startup founder, or a pair of cofounders, struggling with where to start or what to do next, I ask you to come and talk with me and let me show you what I’ve learned. I’m so confident that you will find this valuable, that I’m offering a money back guarantee.

I am launching this series in Denver with two more workshops before the end of the year: 

Ultimately, this half day workshop is expected to be priced at $499, but for early participants, I am offering a significantly discounted rate of $100 for the four hours of value packed insights and startup methods that will give you a better chance at success on your startup journey. If you are one of the first to sign up, it will cost you even less!

As an additional offer to those of you signing up for Startup Magic .Live, you can sign up for a 30 minute, one on one mentoring session following the workshop for an exclusive attendee rate of $75. Book your mentoring session with Chris Heuer from each event registration

If you are not able to attend Startup Magic .Live, but you are interested in the one on one mentoring session with me, you may sign up for an hour-long online session at a rate of $150. Request your mentoring session with Chris Heuer through Mentor Bureau

Sign up for Startup Magic .Live Denver now and give your startup a greater chance for success. 

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