Leaving The Conversation Group…

Starting The Conversation Group with Ted Shelton and Giovanni Rodriguez in the early summer of 2007 will probably be one of my fondest company foundings of my life.  I have learned a great deal and grown in ways I never imagined and I am grateful for having this opportunity.

The story behind this decision is quite simple really, I have a lot of other opportunities I want to pursue right now and it is time to move on and pursue them (or rather one of them in particular that is quite exciting).  I have been really fortunate to work with some great people at TCG – I would say I am going to miss them, but I expect to still see them quite a bit so I won’t.  Over the next month or so, we will be transitioning slowly but I needed to make this announcement now so I can start working on the other opportunities in earnest.

What am I doing next? Well, it won’t be stealthy too long, but I am not prepared to share that yet.  I will have some more to share tomorrow morning and if things work out, more to share later in the week.