Are Bloggers Always Fighting? Are blogs today here because of 9/11?

In doing research tonight on Blogs for The Social Media Playbook, I came across this article entitled “A Rift Among Bloggers” from the New York Times, dated June 10, 2002.  What struck me most here, and why I am simply quoting it here, is how odd to think that tech bloggers and war bloggers were battling over the purpose, intention and possibility of blogging in the manner they did.

‘The Weblog world before Sept. 11 was mostly inward-looking — mostly
tech people talking about tech things,” said Glenn Reynolds, a law
professor at the University of Tennessee who publishes,
a popular site in the war blog camp that attracts about 19,000 readers
on weekdays. ”After 9/11 we got a whole generation of Weblogs that
were outward-looking” and written for a general audience, he said.

Wow.  Was it really 9/11 that brought a wider cross-section of our society into blogging?

At the time, my employee and friend David Pruitt, installed Movable Type for me to play with to solve my content publishing dilemma (took a bit of time and I wanted to publish my poetry).  I never quite got it looking write in those early days, and only managed to write one post, which I read aloud at the opening night of Northern Voice recently.

That first post, entitled We, together, have a dream…, represents a big vision about what I call The Noble Pursuit, stemming from my optimistic desire for dreaming and making a better world.

Wow. I didn’t even realize it, but my earliest blogging was a response to the war on terror…

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