Thanks to Orange Labs for a Great Mixr

Pascale Diaine and Mark Plakias from Orange Labs put on a great conversation with traditional French flair about the end of email last week. I love those guys over at Orange – really cool and so darn smart. I really should do a better post on this event, but its 3am and time for bed… Thankfully Debi Jones wrote up an excellent post that summarizes the discussion nicely.

What a great, crazy world we live in out here where you head out to an event 1 block from your office after wrok and get to hang out with these 3 guys – Arrington, Scoble and Loic – during the early dotcom days I used to dream about how cool it must be in San Francisco, and now I get to live it for real – its not as glamorous as one might imagine, but it sure is cool to have the chance to bounce ideas off these smart folks and get to know them as real people.

Speaking of smart folks, Orange had a ton of them – chatted briefly with Bradley Horowitz, LA Lasek, Sanford Barr, Cathy Brooks, Mike Sigal, and a bunch of CEO’s from cool companies. I even talked to Jason from Twitter about why the ‘track’ functionality doesn’t work for me or several other folks I know…

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