On Social Viruses and MEmes

I wish I had more time to expand upon this, but let me say it has been an interesting day watching the Chris Brogan virus spread through the Joyeur community on Twitter.  Interesting of course, because he is staying with us here in San Francisco while he is at TechCrunch 40 and because I was the one who explained to him what was going on – now I just read him some of my favorites from the 150+ I saw here on Terraminds.

So the thing is, this is funny and harmless.  In essence though, it is clogging up his information retrieval agents that are working on his behalf.  Not a big deal as a one day thing, but it really does raise some interesting questions about the role of smart, ad-hoc groups and their ability to form and self organize.  Shows the potential power that the tools provide and how ideas do behave like viruses – and how publishing with key phrases or names can infect people’s information systems like viruses too.  Of course, when it is good creative content with a positive attitude, who’s gonna mind?

Bottom line, I think Kristie is extremely lucky to have such great people in her community – and I am really glad they are on our team 😉

As promised, the funniest I saw came from

  • mrl Chuck Norris is just chris brogan in disguise 11 hours ago
  • andy_martin Chris Brogan? I saw him overthrow an African democracy for the CIA using peanut butter and an extension cord. 10 hours ago
  • fitzage Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is chris brogan. —Yogi Berra 10 hours ago
  • ewmullin Man, the guy who picked Chris Brogan in our fantasy league is killing everyone! 9 hours ago
  • TeddyRoosevelt if theres only one brogan and brogan walks into a room is that considered a bro-verload? 9 hours ago

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