Why is it so hard?

So blogging is really truly “as easy as writing a public email” – but sometimes it just feels so damn hard! Not the act itself, comitting an act of blogging is super easy, just as it is right now, a stream of consciousness, focused on my WordPress posp.php page. It is really the one’s that matter that are the hard ones. I could talk to people all day about the insytes I want to share (and most days that is what I do, talk to people). To actually focus those ideas into the post.php form, however, is a different story.

Last weekend, Kristie and I were having brunch with Robert and Maryam Scoble, along with Francine Hardaway, to discuss Francine’s upcoming conference in Phoenix, when Robert made it clear to me what my real problem was. I am often afraid to write something that is not perfect, that might make me look ignorant or foolish. He mentioned to me that one of the things he has really discovered and now uses as a technique, is to go ahead and write something before having a full and deep comprehension of the topic (publish or perish?) and let his commenters/readers educate him on the subject and/or correct him. Once my audience gets that big, perhaps it will work for me too, but in the meantime, I just need to hit publish more.  Interestingly, Brian Oberkirch mentioned a similar approach the other day, with a very humorous slant on this, but I can’t find the post now…

The reality is that I have worked on letting go and not trying to be a perfectionist for a long time. It is the one trait I dont understand in my psyche – or rather, I don’t know where it comes from. I am certainly not perfect, and believe the Tony Robbins angle that the goal of perfection is the worst goal – to really work on being Outstanding instead as a much higher plane of being your best.

Bottom line – now that I can see this is one of the things preventing me from blogging more freqently, I can do something more about it, but I still wonder why it is so hard? Does anyone else have any ideas or thoughts or suggestions?