Rolling into 2007, Still Behind the Eight Ball

Well, I am still behind with all the tasks I have to complete, but I am rested and energized for the task we have ahead and diligently working at developing systems that will make sure they get done, we get caught up and that the road ahead is a bit easier to manage.  Thankfully, client projects slowed enough to let us make some major progress on getting Social Media Club organized, but there is still a ton of stuff to do.  We will be sharing news on all of this before the week is out, and I will hopefully be back to writing on a regular basis – in fact, I will be writing a few new regular columns for SMC as well as creating a few new podcasts.

I have also taken on a project with my good friend Livio to serve as executive producer on some amazing video he has been shooting while traveling the world as a Modern Nomad, which is extremely exciting – I actually get to test my media mettle on incredibly compelling, entertaining and educational content that does not directly deal with technology!  In fact, I am looking for a couple of great digital video editors, preferrably with Final Cut Pro HD expertise, to help get the video produced on a regular basis.
We were also fortunate to take some time off, spending some quality time with my better half in Lake Tahoe, at our shared Ski Cabin for Christmas (more to write on that later).  We did not get many photos because our Canon Rebel was in for repairs and we only had the little SD400 (more to write on that later too), but there are some pretty fair ones on my flickr account…
Bottom line, we have a lot to do, but are busy doing it.  While we have been silent for the past 2 weeks +, we have been very active and are very excited to start sharing it with you as we start to work together towards our common goals.  I hope you also had some good time off, some good time to contemplate the year ahead and some good times with those who matter most in your life.

Now, let’s roll out and get it done…

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