iBook Dead Again… Pls resend emails

I can’t begin to tell you how distraught I am this morning.  Hundreds of photos from the last week, hours of audio, hundreds of emails, mindmaps and more are hanging in the balance. I have been backing up regularly, but have not had a moment in the past few days to do so since we have been so busy running around.

I have an appointment with the Apple Store this afternoon where they can hopefully do something about it.  I ran Disk First Aid and it failed.  TechTool gave me a “File Thread Mimatch Error (-92)” and the Apple Hardware Test gave me “2STF/8/3: ATA-100 ata-6 -Master”.

The part that really gets me on this is that I think Apple replaced the hard drive with a refurbished model as I have had problems with it from shortly after I received it.  Of course, I asked if they had done this and the Apple tech said they had no way of knowing if it was new or refurbed (which should have been detailed on the ticket).

So if you have sent me emails in the past week and I have not responded, please resend them again.  Things have been very hectic and moving in a really good direction, but I have been behind on email for most of July as a result.

PS – my iMac on my desktop is also still randomly rebooting itself, so I am currently without a cell phone and without a computer – being disconnected is not only disheartening, but also distressing because there is so much work to do and so little time to do it all…

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