Time to light the fire for Social Media Club!

We finally have everything together enough to actively begin promoting Social Media Club as we unveil a better explanation of our ideas behind it. If you have subscribed to this Blog to monitor our discussion as it relates to the New Media, or Social Media, Press Release format (aka hRelease), please note that I will be primarily talking about it at the Social Media Club Blog. Where all my related resources will also reside. I agreed to take on the role and push the community process forward in discussions with Tom Foremski because it is a key area of focus for Social Media Club – on initiatives that promote fundamental standards and ethics.

Please take a few moments to visit Social Media Club and read through my initial ideas for where I want this to go – more importantly, provide real feedback on what ideas are good and what sucks. If you are willing to support what we are trying to do, please do write a Blog post or do a podcast or a vlog about your thoughts and tag it with ‘socialmediaclub‘ so we can consider everyone’s ideas in the process. Please also realize that the plan is for us to use the ideas that are now on the site as a starting point for the conversation, not the end point – what we actually end up doing and how we focus the efforts of the community will be the result of conversations with the community and the actions of as yet unknown leaders.

OK, while there is still a lot to do, and probably always will be, at least it has finally started – and only about 2 weeks beyond when I hoped to be ready for the launch at Gnomedex. Well, now I finally need to get off to MashupCamp for the end of the day, so more to come later tonight..

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