Questions from the Art of Hosting

When have I truly lived my passion and what in particular was powerful about this?

More often than not, I feel my true self and complete happiness in my being, when I am connecting with others and sharing my ideas, insights and individuality. When I am able to be of service to others by exploring our shared connections, reveling in our passions and feeling comfortable at the edge of the precipice, staring off into the distant unknown and figuring out how to get there together.

The most powerful thing about this for me has shifted over the years. At first it was a matter of simply gaining external reinforcement of my purpose for being. Eventually it shifted to the perception of power that was bestowed unto me when people were giving me their attention. Now it has settled fully into the understanding that the real power came from an unknown future in which I would play no physical role, but one in which my ideas, insights and voice would be given life through the hand of another – fertilizing the seed I previously planted and watching it grow, far from my own eyes.

What do I now sense is the next level of my passion and practice?

The next level involves bringing together all that I have experienced in a way that can be of value to others. It is through service to the community of my peers – which is all of my fellow man, not a specific industry nor a type of person. The next level is a return to an old idea infused with new life. The Noble Pursuit is my dream of a better world that allows me to be within a space where my passion can be felt by me with every awakened breath, and seen by the world through open eyes. Not hiding in fear of failure, but being ever present in the learning, smack dab in the middle of the circle, but not necessarily up on stage.

It is the work that has already begun for me through BrainJams and is within the space that my new friends call Hosting. These things are one and the same, though rather than trying to teach others the art of hosting, we are working to teach them the art of participating, with respect for every individual and their unique ability to contribute. Even when the contribution is manifested as silence. It is a community of participants rather than hosts or attendees. When each participant has their own leadership held within the space, if only for a moment…

The next level of my passion and practice is the development of the community of shared resources that is BrainJams, the tools and virtual spaces that make up Insytes and the way of being which is at peace with myself, in balance with the world around me.

If this is the next level of my passion and practice, what could stop or come in the way of this?

“as we shine more light, the shadows get bigger” – Debbie from Berkana

While I do believe that the past does not equal the future, it has been hard to live with this principle on a daily basis. The fears of failure, and even of success to a certain degree, have in the past held such a grip on me that I would often choose to not take action to remain with the possibility of some future success. As an entrepreneur, you would most likely not guess this of me, but as a human without someone to take me by the hand and encourage me to take the leap – to provide external validation of the figments of ideas that swirl within my mind, it was nearly impossible.

The only thing that can stop me is myself. Today, I choose not to stand in my own way, but instead to lend myself a hand – a hand up, a pat on the back and a round of applause. All of these powers are within us, we just need to practice with more – we need to give ourselves permission to try, to pursue with vigor and undeterable purpose, that which burns within our hearts.

On this day, I choose commitment over complacence, movement over stillness and love over fear.

While the things that could stop me are many, I will not allow it. I will overcome whatever obstacles I may face. There is always a way.

What is the burning question that will help me step more fully into the fire of my hosting?

The focus can no longer be on the costs of taking these actions, or on what I need before I can take these actions, it is squarely within the question of “What will it cost if I don’t step fully into the life I was born to live?”

How will it feel if the world heads into complete chaos and fear, and I have to live with the fact that I did nothing to stop it? How will it feel to live with myself and my loved ones everyday for the rest of my life, knowing that I could have made a difference but chose not to act because I was afraid or thought that I might be judged unfavorably by others?

  1. #1 by Kristie Wells - April 10th, 2006 at 23:00

    Lovely post honey. You have so many wonderful gifts to share with this world, and the power within to do whatever you put your mind to.

    The road ahead may not always be smooth, but know that you have my undying love and support to help you succeed and accomplish your goals. xoxoxo

  2. #2 by Chris - April 12th, 2006 at 15:19

    Hey mate…welcome to the fellowship!

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