Filling the Funnel – the shift that is fueling BrainJams

I had said I would put my BrainJams post here any longer and I meant it. Instead, I want to point out a pretty long piece I just posted there that really explains a big part of my thinking behind the transformation society is undergoing at this time. To put it simply, in the old competitive model of the world, people fought one another to “climb the ladder”, in today’s cooperative world, we are all helping one another to “fill the funnel.”

Shortly after posting this to BrainJams, I visited Doc Searl’s site and read about an idea that was posted over on O’Reilly’s Radar that deals with this same subject from a slightly different angle, that of ‘business morality’. Supported by our discussions on collaboration at the UC Berkeley BrainJams event, I think Doc is spot on with these ideas. I posted my comments on this over there, but I am really wondering if anyone has any better language to use for describing these loosely joined ideas that are the core of what is happening in our economy.

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