Don’t Spread Germs!

Sometimes leading by example isn’t enough. So I guess it is time to make a louder statement.

So I launched a new web site/wiki last night with the hope of spreading the message. Don’t Spread the Germs ( is a simple WIKI hosted over on PBWiki where I hope people will contribute more ideas, posts and other knowledge about how we can stop the spread of flus, colds and other nasty bugs that make us all sick and miserable.

Maybe we can come up with a viral message to stop the spread of the viral biology…

Or maybe we can just spread awareness of the idea that people who are sick should not be going out in public and getting others sick. I know some people think the possibility of a Flu Pandemic is some conspiracy or something, but history shows us that such a global pandemic is indeed possible if not highly likely. According to an Australian study reported on CNN, a Bird Flu Pandemic could take up to 142 Million Lives worldwide. The economic devastation would plunge the world into a deeep depression that would take quite a long time to recover from. This is why Kleiner Perkins recently announced a $200 million pandemic fund – these guys are some of the smartest in the business and they know where to place their bets.

Many of us have the technology to work from our homes when we are sick, so why don’t we? Because we feel compelled to get outside, we want to have the opportunity to meet the right person, we think we have to do it. We don’t need to – we need to respect our associates, co-workers, friends and ourselves enough to help other people stay healthy. Don’t Spread the Germs! Stay home and maybe one day this attitude can save a few million lives…

If you agree or disagree with this, tag your posts with ‘dontspreadgerms‘ and lets see if we can all work towards making a difference.

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