BrainJams30Jan2006 – Quick update

Wow! Once again I am amazed at how people can just come together without a lot of planning and make something cool happen. After reaching out to a few of our former Patrons to help with DC and Berkeley next month, things are feeling really solid.

Not only will be have the right sort of people showing up (including a few Web 2.0 luminaries and a few main stream journalists who really get it), but Lawrence Coburn from Rate It All just stepped up to sponsor the refreshments for BrainJams DC on Monday and to be a supporting sponsor for our Berkeley BrainJams on Feb 25. Shortly after hearing from Lawrence, I got a call from Scott Beale at Laughing Squid who also just signed up as a supporting sponsor for both events. Both have been with us since the beginning and I cant thank them enough.

And now the link love is growing and the word of mouth is spreading…

I am writing another post to go deeper into what we are doing Monday, but in the meantime would like to hear your feedback on this idea: At traditional, academic conferences, researchers submit papers for consideration by the conference. Why not borrow a little from this idea to create a better framework for our conversations at BrainJams? So for Monday’s BrainJams event, I propose that everyone submit a Blog Post for consideration by other participants concerning what you want to talk to people about on Monday. Once you do so, please tag it forBrainJams30Jan2006 (just copy and paste the code below into the bottom of your blog post if you do not know how to tag blog posts yet). Another alternative is to write the blog post and then tag it on Delicious or Furl or wherever you place your social bookmarks. Alterantively, you could tag something that has already been written elsewhere that you would like to discuss or just submit the link to the blog post you want to talk about in the comments to this post.

I have already tagged 2 posts to Delicious I think would make for good conversation and am working on writing an original one – so what do you want to talk about?

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