BrainJams30jan2006 to be held at DC Improv

Just finished meeting with John Johnson, the manager of the DC Improv, and it looks like we have a venue for our Monday January 30th event! While we may not be able to get WiFi going in there, it is a perfect location, about 1 block from the Farragut North Metro station.

There is room for about 300 people in their comedy club layout, but we are going to cap the registrations at 120 people in order to keep Mr. Dunbar happy. (I realize his limit is closer to 150, so perhaps that can be the Law of 10 Dozens instead 😉

We have a long way to go to pull off this event, but I know we can do because we did it before. I have web pages to put together and we need an event page on the Wiki. We really need some sponsors to step up as well. This will be what I get to do when I get home this weekend (in addition to seeing my friend Chris Magoon race tomorrow, meeting with BrainJams team members to work on the technology plan and spending some time with Kristie after a long week away here in DC.

If you are in Washington, D.C. and want to spend some time sharing ideas, resources and insights with your fellow Washingtonians, this is the place for you. Some basic logistics

  • Monday January 30, 2006 from 1030am to 500pm, registration starts at 10am
  • Location: DC Improv – 1140 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington, DC 20036
  • BrainOff Happy Hour from 500pm to 600pm
  • Morning session we will be BrainJamming – knowledge networking which is akin to speed dating concept
  • The afternoon will be participant lead discussions on Web 2.0 related topics such as blogging, podcasting, social bookmarks, social networks, AJAX etc…
  • The key to the success of the event is everyone contributes, so if you are planning on coming, think about what you want to share with everyone and what you want to learn

Well, it is time for me to go and start heading through rush hour to get to the airport (IAD from downtown DC). Many thanks to my little, little brother, Brian Kellog for making the introduction to John and much gusto thanks to John of the DC Improv. I am really looking forward to working with them to make the next BrainJams event a real winner!

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