some inspiration from Paris…

I so wish I could have been there. I love Paris. I made it there once with a former girlfriend and Kristie and I will be back there in the spring I hope. We had a real blast running around the city, lunching in the latin quarter, spending way too much money at maison du chocolat and eating/drinking amazing cuisine. We had dinner at one of the oldest still operating restaurants in the world where we had a private dining room just for the two of us. Apparently this was the place the courtesan’s used to meet their ‘gentlemen’ for the evening – the divan’s were placed next to brass rails on the walls (hmmmm wonder what that was for?) – but this tangent is over, because the real reason I love Paris is the spirit. It feels like one of those earth vortexes (ala Taos etc…) because the energy just makes it a magical place.

Thankfully, we get to live the event through our live blogging and flickring friend Tara Hunt and to participate in the back channel at Tara posted a photo last night that really caught my eye – I thought it would look good as a black and white with high contrast, but could not make that happen, so after playing with photoshop a little to make it look like something, I came to a certain point and the spirit of Paris and this past weekend’s BrainJams event, when I mashed up Tara’s photo and came up with this new poster idea.

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