BrainJams Attendee Responses Thus Far

At the moment we have about 53 people registered through the online form but a few more actually coming since they registered on the wiki or just RSVP’d on Upcoming.

One of the reasons it took so long to launch the new home page (still needing to add the other pages before the event) was the problem with registration. I won’t get into that too much, but Wiki registration leaves a lot to be desired for events that involve non-technical people (like how to get in touch with people who just add a name when something important happens in regards to an event or the fact that some newcomers dont understand they can edit the page yet). I have some solutions which we will work on after the event – does anyone know a good programmer who wants to work on a simple registration module?

Back to the point. I was looking at the registrations forms that were completed and it looks like there will be an attendee that is not even a person! Wonder what they are…. Since there are no names on this, take a look at the current responses for yourself. Also of note, a whopping 54% of registered attendees have offered to volunteer! How cool is that?

If you offered to volunteer, someone will be in touch with you shortly, but since this is an open conference process, here is a link to the planning page as well – perhaps you see something there you can just jump on? If so edit the page and let us know who you are and what task you want to do. Hint if you surround your name with ”’chrisheuer”’ it becomes bold using wiki markup. I particularly want to hear from people who want to lead an afternoon (add your suggestions and perhaps name to the wiki) session and people who want to be the note makers for sessions.

Things are coming together…

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