Rest in Peace

In my last post I was going to link to a site about South Beach, Miami. As the once naive 25 year old founder/CEO/Chairman of in 1995, I figured there must now be a dozen sites that would be good for showing off one of my favorite cities to my new friends. Alas, I was wrong. Could not find a one. Looks like CitySearch and Knight Ridder scared everyone else out of the market. I tried to buy back the domain a few years ago when the MyShitty guys were selling off the assets, but did not even hear a reply. I would have made something of that site again… perhaps I still will one day. Turns out the domain is owned by a domain squatting company from Asia somewhere called (which is why I don’t link to it above).

Fortunately for me, lives on in its former glory, thanks to the Internet Archive and the WayBack Machine.

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