My 100th post! Live from PlayConference

I love meeting/hearing from people who get it. Clearly Shantanu Narayen, COO of Adobe , is one of those people. They are working on 2 things I had not really thought they were into yet, but obviously are. First is thinking about autotagging vis a vis PDF publishing. He even mentioned the example of camera’s being GPS enabled in order to tag a photo with the location. I always thought how cool it would be if this could be further correlated on the meta layer with an event database by looking up a date/time stamp. Where the photos I am taking not only get automatically tagged here with Berekeley, CA, but also with PlayConference and also with PlayConference:openingKeynote.

This is another aspect of what I call synaptivity, which I need to explain better in light of the Office Live announcement – which is the best example I have seen of this yet. Richard McManus has a great post on this with Bill’s slides included.

Back to the point – the other aspect that Shantanu spoke about which I had not heard of that is also in the realm of what I call synaptivity is the Intelligent Document Format – where it sounds like the workflow intelligence gets embedded in the document rather than around it.

Not only was Shantanu smart and informative, but congenial and able to deftly handle pointed questions (presented ever so politely)

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