Progress on next BrainJam…

I am down here in Las Vegas this week helping a friend with his new startup, seeing how we might work together more regularly. The meat of our work will start popping out today, but in the meantime, I have finally made some progress with the next BrainJams event.

The first piece to get out the door is a new home page for the Web2point1 site – the remainder of those pages will be done tonight. Tomorrow, hopefully just in time for our FR night planning meeting for the next BrainJam on 3Dec2005, I will have a new BrainJams site together. Please do visit the Web2point1 site though for some important updates on the next event, along with photos of the SRI facility in Menlo Park where we will be holding the next event, thanks to the efforts of BrainJam1 alum David Gutelius.

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