How to launch a T-Shirt Design Company in 3 hours or less

RGB-T. Close-Up
Truth is, it is a rather silly idea I had back in late 1997, but if RGB-T’s can make just a c-note this year, it was worth acting on it and should be a fun part of each day over the next year. One of my client’s boyfriends was the son of the family that manufactured Kenneth Cole leather in Mexico. I was pitching him on the next new trend in computer bags, trying to co-design a backpack with him to pitch to Kenneth Cole. I think that train left the station without me…

Anyways, I was trying to think of something I could do within a field I knew something about. So one day while sitting around by the pool, my hot lesbian supermodel roommate Krista suggested I design some t-shirts since that should be a quick way to make money. A few drinks later, the seed of RGB-T’s was born. A simple “T” on a t-shirt in an RGB color, including the RGB color code in the design. The other method was more American Apparel like, with the shirt itself being the RGB color and only the color code on the shirt.

I attempted to launch it with my fraternity brother, roommate and business partner, Rick from, but we were just struggling with too many daily headaches together on other things, so it kind of went dormant for a while.

But after being introduced to CafePress and then having Zazzle sponsor Web 2.1, I realized how easy this could be finally. So the other night at the TechCrunch BBQ I was speaking with Josh Ellman from Zazzle when I remembered the idea and decided it was so easy to do that I had to act on it. So here we are, a few design attempts later, with a commerce engine by Zazzle, manufacturing by Zazzle, idea by Chris Heuer and a simple web site (soon to be a WordPress blog).

I would love to promise a new product every day, but honestly, they are more likely to trickle out in the beginning. So, check out RGB-T’s and tell me what you think about this silly little idea, from the mind of a wannabe designer geek

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  1. #1 by Josh Elman - October 24th, 2005 at 23:02


    RGB T’s look great! Can’t wait until there is a huge collection of T’s 🙂

  2. #2 by bolaji adebola - January 16th, 2008 at 11:45

    i will like to purchase 100 t shirt from your company,so, let me know the total cost with shipping to nigeria by dhl or ems,the payment will be paid by credit card,


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