Web 2.1: Only possible with great Patrons…

Just a real quick note of thanks for the emotional support and mucho appreciation for the financial support from so many of you in helping to make Web 2.1 a reality. My girlfriend and I honestly thought I might be breaking out a new credit card to cover the costs, but now it seems we can at least use the rest of my limit on a separate one.

  • Michael Arrington and Keith Teare of TechCrunch stepped up to the plate with $100 even though they won’t be able to make much of the event since they are attending the other one…
  • Allan Linden of D-BAM came through with a big $500 because he wants to support further development of peer to peer learning systems (more on his perspective to come in a later post).
  • Brian Shields and the team over at KRON4 not only came through with a great, centrally located venue (where they held a blogger meetup recently), they also came up with $500 to make sure everyone has a great time at the after party!
  • Out of the blue, Dave Winer sent along some moral support as well as $98 to support the idea, eventhough he will be attending ConvergeSouth – big thanks to Dave, proving once again he walks the talk each and every day.
  • Just a short while ago, Zoli Erdos from a “pre-funded” startup called SQLFusion came through with $100. I honestly have not heard of them previously, but will be taking a look at their collaborative development tools to see what their unqiue perspective is.

My deepest thanks to everyone who has become a Patron of this event and everyone who has written about it so far. When everything is wrapped up next week, I will be posting the details about finances for this on the Web2point1 Wiki.

We are nearly finished in selecting the after party location. It seems there are positives and negatives to each location we are discussing. Without a firm head count, it is nearly impossible to get them to make a deal or reserve a room, so we will likely be mingling with other happy hour folks. More to be posted on this important aspect of Web 2.1 tonight….

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